aKite at Build in Anheim / Los Angeles


Build is the conference so long-awaited by worldwide Microsoft developers community for the announcement of Windows 8 and last developments on Windows Azure. Our CTO Davide Bedin has been invited to demo how these new features has been applied to aKite to further improve its performance and efficiency.

The conference is held in Anheim near Los Angeles and starts on September Tuesdady 13th until Friday 16th . The presentation of how important new announcement on the Cloud platform has been applied to aKite is scheduled for Thursday 15th about at 10:30 AM, Pacific time. BEDIN Shop Systems is one of the 40 companies invited to participate at TAP (Technology Advanced Program) on AppFabric Service Bus, the Windows Azure component devoted to data exchange among cloud and on premise IT. Among the few admitted to cooperate with the developers of these new technologies, Davide Bedin has been chosen to demonstrate it to the world and how they further enhanced aKite performance and efficiency. All major sessions, included aKite demo, will be live from http://www.buildwindows.com/


The Davide Bedin demo is after 15 minutes at