aKite at Digital Week in Venice



Ca’ Foscari University, the oldest Business School in Italy and second in Europe, being founded in 1868, will organize a Digital Week from 3rd to 5th of May, with participation of experts from the new digital economy.

aKite has been chosen as an example of the deep innovation arising from Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is at the same time the final destination of traditional IT (evolution) and the starting station of a new IT (revolution). As it happened with electricity one century ago, a new vision is necessary in order to fully exploit the new capabilities. aKite has gone beyond the centralized vs. departmental architecture dilemma characterizing many SaaS solutions, distributed not only from traditional datacenter but also from Cloud Computing.

On May 4th will speak Giorgio Betti, BEDIN Shop Systems Marketing Director and EuroCloud Italy Vice President, and Wladimiro Bedin, CEO and Founder.

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