aKite at Venice Digital Innovation Festival


From July 1st to the 3rd will be held the second edition of Venezia Camp in the scenic and historical Arsenal, home of the famous Biennale and other international events. The previous edition was attended by more than 2.000 people and more are expected this year. Inside the rich conference and meeting agenda on the most interesting Digital Innovation themes, BEDIN Shop Systems will organize the Cloud Computing track.


The session “Cloud Computing: a new World for business next door”

will be held on July 1st from 10 to 12 a.m.


Cloud Computing is really a new way to live & work and not just IT outsourcing. Globalization changed the world while the adoption by SMEs of SaaS delivered from Cloud platforms means better focus on their own area of expertise + easier cooperation with other specialized firms. This allows delivering better products and services to the global market where consumers are becoming more active and influential also through Social Networks. Furthermore, today even a small company can use the same IT services adopted by their bigger competitors , at a cost proportional to their size, may be mixing and matching different IT tools in a more effective and creative way.


Come to the Venice Arsenal magic atmosphere. Please note that entrance is not the same of Biennale but from Celestia, stop on request of line 52. More info http://www.veneziacamp.org/