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  • aKite presented to Chinese delegation

    At EuroCloud Congress held in Luxembourg on October 15th - 16th 2013, in a workshop on cooperation between China and Europe on Cloud Computing, aKite was presented as an example of a … more


  • The importance of multi-tenancy on Cloud POS

    Multi-tenancy, the sharing of HW and SW resources, is one the 5 essential characteristics of Cloud Computing according to NIST authoritative definition. All users of a real Cloud SaaS … more


  • SPEAK on aKite

    The international magazine SPEAK, specializing in Microsoft technologies for retail, in the Autumn 2013 edition talks about aKite.

    In Marketwatch it cited the rapid deployment in Limoni … more


  • Green-tailing

    aKite is a Cloud software service for POS and InStore management requiring only low-power standard PC and no servers, neither in stores nor at chain HQ, with a drastic reduction of energy … more


  • A cloud service exhibited in a Museum!

    In the exhibition "Observer: Innovations and applications in the Italian productive system" open from 5th to 20th of June 2013 at Milano Triennale a short aKite video has been chosen as … more


  • aKite set a new record !

    Limoni chain, the Italian leader in selective perfumery, started the field test in 12 stores just few weeks after signing the contract for aKite and defining some parameters settings. The … more


  • The Cloud POS Manifesto

    Today, cloud computing is a widely acknowledged (and possibly overused) term, but its importance should not be underestimated. The cloud is emerging as the most significant technology … more