Archives / 2016
  • Intelli-tail: Artificial Intelligence for Retail


    The success of eCommerce world leaders, such as Amazon, is due not only to low prices, high quality and convenience of service, but also depends on a special ingredient: … more


  • IT architectures for Retail in the Cloud age



    Even today, IT for Retail is struggling inside the dilemma between Centralized architectures, with a single database (db) to which all stores access in real time, and … more


  • Real SaaS vs SoSaaS

    SaaS(Software as a Service) is a well-known acronym for "Software provided from the Cloud, i.e. from centralized public resources, through the Internet”. Real or Cloud-native or Cloud-first … more


  • Retail Management Software: Licence vs SaaS

    A Retail Management Software covers the Front and Back Store areas (Point of Sale and Warehouse management, statistics and more) in stores independent or part of a chain. It can be … more


  • POS software: is time for change?


    POS (Point of Sale) software, especially in chains, is considered a competitive factor and thus highly customized in order to differentiate from competition. Unfortunately, this … more