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  • Cloud Architectures and MicroServices.

    Architecture, whether applied to software or buildings, is the link between aspirations and technology, both in continuous evolution. Internet and Cloud Computing have triggered a radical change in … more


  • Artificial Intelligence: have Neural Networks won?

    Pic credit: LinkedIn - Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a hot topic for mass media, despite being born in the 50s. From the beginning it has … more


  • Circular Economy & Retail

    The Circular Economy aims to improve environmental sustainability through processes and products redesign, reuse and recycling at the end of the life cycle, minimizing the consumption of new raw … more


  • Intelligent Retail in China

    The recent book by Chinese scientist and entrepreneur Kai-Fu Lee “AI super-powers. China, Silicon Valley and the new world order”clearly describes the current state of … more