Phone chains switch to aKite


In the Italian mobile phone retail market, Vodafone, Wind and TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) franchisees with small-mid local chains are the norm. Apollo srl is a TIM chain with a solid presence in South Italy and the first that switched from a traditional PoS/In-Store software to aKite. Apollo has already been followed by other local chains belonging to above three brands.


The problems

The rather high product value and low margins impose a very tight control on daily operations, even when managers are not present in stores or at the HQ. Another peculiar problem is the need to track each mobile phone through its unique serial number (also called IMEI) for warranty management and to face illegal clones circulation. The software ease of use is a common requirement in the retail sector and even more in phone stores because of the high employee turnover (temporary job for young staff).


The solution

aKite is perfectly suited to phone chains of any size. The “per seat and per store” fee removes any entrance barrier to the small chains; at the same time aKite delivers the same Service Level and features that only big chain could afford so far. Retail Web Services in the Cloud, the intelligent Hub that manages all the smart clients in the stores and at the HQ, are designed to take full advantage of a modern Platform as a Service (PaaS) like Microsoft Windows Azure, delivering a better than 99,9% SLA and a near infinite scalability for the biggest chains. Local failures to Internet connection do not stop, the Front Store smart client, designed for seamlessly connected AND disconnected operations. Technical complexity is removed from stores and HQ and concentrated on the Cloud where is managed by BEDIN Shop Systems at application level and by Microsoft at system and hardware level. Specialized engineers are no more required for initial set up, upgrades and broken hardware replacement. Even daily back up are no longer needed because SQL Azure in the Cloud writes data in 3 distinct physical locations. The retailer can thus concentrate on his business on not on the IT infrastructure. On the hardware side, Dr. Pietro Formichella, Apollo’s President, has adopted the high quality HP AP 5000 all-in-one POS and EPSON printers.



Compared to the previous departmental software, where each store had his own server and database batch synchronized with the HQ, some of the advantages of a real Cloud solution like aKite are:

  • Near –real-time control of the entire chain from any location and any internet connection.
  • Data security and service continuity at the POS that no traditional datacenter can match.
  • Chain management from purchase orders to sales or transfers between stores, up to the detail of each product serial number, but with a flexible and easy procedures in order not to impact on sale operations.
  • An easy to use POS that can handle many transactions types, including recall of any previous document, or customer and product code search by touch screen navigation or full text search. A system designed for Internet, natively open to cooperation with partners, customers and other services.